Local Rules

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Rule 1 Sessions of Court
Rule 2 Conduct in the Court
Rule 3 Fee Schedule for Appointed Counsel
Rule 4 Juvenile Traffic Procedure
Rule 5 Bonds/Recognizances
Rule 6 Procedures - Juveniles
Rule 7 Procedures - Adults
Rule 7A Probation Department - Personnel
Rule 7B Probation Department - Operation
Rule 8 Records, Assignments and Hearings
Rule 9 Court Staff
Rule 10 Order of Reference
Rule 11 Reasonable Visitation
Rule 12 Electronic Transmission Filings
Rule 13 Magistrates
Rule 14 Video Conferencing
Rule 15 Case Management and Pre-Trial Procedure for Civil Actions
Rule 16 Jury Management Plan
Rule 17 Miscellaneous
Rule 18 Electronic Statistical Reporting
Rule 19 Use of Restraints
Rule 20 Electronic Return Receipt
Appendix - Cover Page Electronic Cover Page