Probate Fees

Filing Fees Effective September 7, 2017

Will Preservation $25.00
Will Deposit $25.00
Petition for Adoption - court costs $150.00
Home study fee to Pike County Children's Services $300.00 (step-parent)
Home study fee to Pike County Children's Services $500.00 (all others)
(if multiple children, $100 for each additional child)  
New Birth Certificate (Ohio) $21.50
Application for Guardianship (Incompetent or Minor) $200.00
Investigator's Fee's to Phyllis Amlin-Snyder $60.00
Minor Settlements $104.00
Trust $115.00
Delayed Registration of Birth $34.00
Correction of Birth $32.00
Name Change $124.00
Marriage License $40.00
Copies (per page) $0.10
Certified Copies $2.00

* The filing fee for a summary release does not include the costs to file any other additional forms. A 9.C is required for each motor vehicle and will be subject to additional court costs of $7.00 per form. Applications for Certificate of Transfer and each Certificate of Transfer shall be an additional $16.00 per each CT filed. Any other additional forms not usually filed with summary releases may be subject to additional fees. Please check with the deputy clerk for these costs before you file your paperwork.