Probate Fees

Filing Fees Effective August 1, 2018

**Each case filed in the probate court is unique and the deposit for costs is only an estimation. Additional charges may apply. Costs are subject to change without any notice**

Will Preservation $25.00
Will Deposit $25.00
Petition for Adoption - court costs $150.00
Home Study Fee to Pike County Children's Services $300.00 (step-parent)
Home Study Fee to Pike County Children's Services $500.00 (all others)
(if multiple children, $100.00 for each additional child)
New Birth Certificate (Ohio) $21.50
Application for Guardianship (Incompetent or Minor) $200.00
Investigator's Fees to Phyllis Amlin-Snyder $60.00
Applications to Expend Funds (each) $10.00
Civil Proceedings $100.00
Correction of Birth $32.00
Delayed Registration of Birth $34.00
Marriage License $50.00
Minor Settlements $120.00
Name Change $124.00
Trust $150.00
Copies (per page with a minimum charge) $0.10
Certified Copies $2.00

*The filing fee for a summary release does not include the costs to file any other additional forms. A 9.C is required for each motor vehicle and will be subject to additional court costs of $7.00 per form. Applications for Certificate of Transfer and each Certificate of Transfer shall be an additional $16.00 per each CT filed. Any other additional forms not usually filed with summary releases may be subject to additional fees. The filing or probating of a will with the summary release will incur additional costs. Please check with the deputy clerk for these costs before you file your paperwork.