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*NOTE* Pursuant to this Court’s Local Rule 75.1, which became effective August 12, 2021, any person wishing to represent themselves in any probate action in this court shall review, sign, and file the attached Self-Representation Acknowledgement when engaging in a probate proceeding without legal representation.

A trust is a fiduciary relationship in which one party or entity (called a trustee) holds legal title to another’s property for the benefit of another.

There are many types of trusts that can be created. However, only a few types of trusts are actually administered by the Probate Court. These trusts include testamentary trusts, wrongful death trusts and special needs trusts.

These trusts are very specialized and should only be created with the help of an attorney. Living trusts are not administered by this Court.

If a trust is established in the probate court, the trustee must file an inventory with the Court. Trustees are further required to file an accounting with the Probate Court every two years.

Individual Forms for Trusts

Application For Authority To Expend Funds Download
TR01 Trust Beneficiaries Download
TR02 Application for Appointment of Trustee Download
TR03 Trustee's Bond Download
TR04 Fiduciary's Acceptance Trustee Download
TR05 Entry Appointing Trustee; Letters of Authority Download
TR06 Trustee's Inventory Download
TR07 Trustee's Account Download
TR07.1 Trustee's Receipts and Disbursements Download
TR07.2 Assets Remaining in Trustee's Hands Download
TR08 Entry Setting Hearing on Account Download
TR09 Waiver of Notice on Hearing on Account Download
TR10 Notice of Hearing on Account Download