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Birth Certificates

*NOTE* Pursuant to this Court’s Local Rule 75.1, which became effective August 12, 2021, any person wishing to represent themselves in any probate action in this court shall review, sign, and file the attached Self-Representation Acknowledgement when engaging in a probate proceeding without legal representation.

Birth Records

The Probate Court has the authority to correct birth records and to order delayed birth records to be established for those individuals born in the State of Ohio.

The Probate Court has birth records for individuals born in Pike County beginning in 1867 until 1909. Please visit the Genealogical Research section for more information. Any births after 1909 may be obtained from the local health department or through the Ohio Department of Health Division of Vital Statistics.

Birth Corrections

Sometimes a birth record has an error that needs to be corrected. An error made within the first year of birth of a child resulting from a typographical or clerical error should be attempted as an administrative correction through the local registrar or Division of Vital Statistics. These corrections include misspellings or small changes in the spelling of a name. Please contact the local Health Dept. at (740) 947-7721 for more information. If an affidavit is used, this is done through the local health department and not through the probate court.

If your birth record must be corrected by the probate court, please see the following instructions and forms. An Application for Correction of Birth Record can only be filed for someone born in the State of Ohio. To correct an Ohio birth record, the application must be filed in the county where the person’s birth occurred or where the person resides.

Instructions for Correction of Birth Record Download
Application, Finding and Order for Correction of Birth Record (HEA 2783) Download

Delayed Registration of Birth

Whoever claims to have been born in the State of Ohio and whose registration of birth is not recorded, lost or destroyed, or not accurately recorded may file an application for registration of birth in the probate court of the county of the person’s birth or residence.

Instructions for Delayed Registration of Birth Download
Application, Finding and Order for Registration of Birth (HEA 2782) Download

Obtaining the Amended Birth Record

Instructions for Obtaining the Amended Birth Record Download