Probate Court Staff

The Ohio Constitution and the Ohio Revised Code authorizes the Probate Judge to appoint deputy clerks to assist in carrying out the business of the Court.

By law, court employees, including deputy clerks, are not allowed to give legal advice. They have no law degree and could be prosecuted for practicing law without a license.

Deputy clerks may look over paperwork to see that the right blanks have been filled in or that you signed at the right location, but they cannot tell you if the content of your filing is adequate or if it will satisfy the requirements of the Court. You could consult with an attorney or research the law at the library.

If a clerk does not answer a question, it is not that she does not want to be helpful; but she is following the court’s policy to uphold the law that does not allow her to offer legal advice.

If you need legal explanation or assistance, we suggest that you consult with an attorney or contact Legal Aid at 1-800-686-3668.

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