Local Rules

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Rule 5.1 Technology Plan
Rule 8.1 Court Appointments
Rule 8.2 Court Appointed Counsel in Adoption Proceedings
Rule 52.1 Preparation of Probate Forms
Rule 53.1 Sessions of Court
Rule 53.2 Conduct in the Court
Rule 55.1 Removal of Papers from Probate Court Files
Rule 57.1 Filings & Motions
Rule 57.2 Entries
Rule 57.3 Hearings
Rule 57.4 Motions to Seal Information Contained Within Court Records
Rule 57.5 Motions to Unseal Information Contained Within Court Records
Rule 57.6 Filings by Facsimile or eMail
Rule 57.7 Schedule of Filings
Rule 57.8 Relieving Estates from Administration
Rule 57.9 Electronic Filing of Court Documents
Rule 57.10 Electronic Signatures
Rule 57.11 Remote Appearances
Rule 58.1 Court Costs
Rule 59.1 Wills
Rule 60.1 Failure to Apply for Administration
Rule 60.2 Bonds and Sureties
Rule 60.3 Attorneys of Record
Rule 60.4 Attorney's Approval on Instruments Filed
Rule 61.1 Appointment and Compensation of Appraisers in Estates and Land Sale Proceedings
Rule 61.2 Appraisals
Rule 66.1 Requirements for Minor Guardianships
Rule 66.2 Requirements for All Guardianships
Rule 66.3 Emergency Guardianship Requirements
Rule 66.4 Comments or Complaints on Guardianhips
Rule 66.5 Guardian of Estate - Bonding
Rule 66.6 Exemption from Guardian Education Requirement
Rule 68.1 Settlement of Claims for Injuries to Minors
Rule 68.2 Structured Settlements
Rule 68.3 Sale of Structured Settlement Payments
Rule 70.1 Settlement of Claims for Wrongful Death
Rule 71.1 Counsel Fees
Rule 71.2 Counsel Fees in Connection with Settlement of Claims for Wrongful Death, Conscious Pain and Suffering, Claims for Personal Injuries to Persons Under Guardianship, and Settlement of Personal Injuries to Minors Under RC 2111.18
Rule 73.1 Guardian's Compensation
Rule 74.1 Trustee Compensation
Rule 75.1 Self-Representation
Rule 75.2 Electronic Return Receipt
Rule 78.1 Case Management in Decedent's Estates, Guardianships and Trusts
Rule 78.2 Case Management and Pre-Trial Procedure for Civil Actions
Rule 78.3 Jury Management Plan
Appendix - Extra Information Implementation, Effective Date, and Reservations
Appendix A Electronic Cover Page
Appendix B Administrative Order - Electronic Filing
Appendix C Application to Appear by Telephone or Video Conference