Genealogical Research

The Probate Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Pike County, Ohio, maintains the following records which may be of interest to researchers of family history:

Marriage: 1815 to present
Birth & Death: 1867 to 1909
Decedent's Estates:
(Including Wills)
1815 to present
Guardianships: 1815 to present
Registration & Corrections of Birth 1941 to present

At this time, our Court’s archival records are not accessible online. Currently, the Probate Court is the only agency that maintains files for decedent’s estates and guardianships. Researchers may wish to consider other agencies first when seeking other records as they may be more readily available.

The Garnet A. Wilson Library of Pike County is a treasure trove for researchers and you are encouraged to visit their website. Please refer to the helpful links section.

Any persons requesting copies of probate records may do so in person at the Court, or by email request. Deputy Clerks will not take research requests over the phone.

Researchers are welcome in our court during regular hours that the Court is open. Please refer to the home page for the court’s location and business hours. If you wish to visit our court, it is recommended that you call in advance to be sure that the office is scheduled to be open on the day of your planned visit. Please be mindful that our court does not have the clerical staff to provide more than very minimal research assistance. Our deputy clerks will be more than happy to make copies. However, court business takes precedence over any genealogical research requests and quite often our deputy clerks may be unavailable to provide you with more than one or two copy requests during your visit. You may be asked to fill out a copy request form at which time your copies will be provided to you by mail or other means.

If you would like to request a copy of any of our probate records, please send an email to and provide the following information:

  • The full name of the person you are researching and include any variations in the spelling.
  • The date of the event, such as date of marriage, birth, date, etc. or a range of dates.
  • The document that you are requesting.

The Court will respond to your request and indicate whether a document is found. A single copy of a document may be scanned and emailed to you free of charge. Multiple documents will be provided at a cost of $1.00 per page and provided via email or by mail.

All adoption records are closed and not available for public viewing. Access to adoption files are restricted and may be obtained, if at all, only by certain persons through proper legal process.

For more information on accessing adoption records, please visit the Ohio Department of Health at

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