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Name Change and Name Conformity

The name change law and court procedure changed on August 17, 2021. A new procedure for a name conformity action also became effective. Forms under the prior law will no longer be accepted for filing after August 17, 2021.

A name change will change the Applicant’s current legal name going forward from the date of the hearing and into the future. A name change becomes effective on the date of the hearing, and it is not retroactive.

A name conformity will correct errors, inconsistencies, and misspellings in a person’s legal name. This procedure will conform a legal name to correct problems in a person’s name from the past. A name conformity does not operate the same as a legal name change, nor is it a birth correction. The name conformity action will simply correct an error, inconsistency, or a misspelling across a person’s chain of identity so that all identifying documents will show the same legal name.

For more information on which procedure to use for your situation, please click here.

All persons who wish to file an application for a name change or a name conformity must meet the following requirements:

  • be a resident of Pike County for 60 days immediately prior to filing the application
  • submit a BCI background check report dated within one (1) year prior to filing the application (a background check is not required for minors)
  • supply the necessary evidentiary documents requested by the Court

Please see instructions and complete packets below:

*NOTE* Pursuant to this Court’s Local Rule 75.1, which became effective August 12, 2021, any person wishing to represent themselves in any probate action in this court shall review, sign, and file the attached Self-Representation Acknowledgement when engaging in a probate proceeding without legal representation.

PDF-fill in forms will be available soon.

Instructions & Packets

Instructions for Conforming a Legal Name - Minor Download
Instructions for Conforming a Legal Name - Adult Download
Instructions for Name Change - Minor Download
Instructions for Name Change - Adult Download
Conformity - Adult Packet Download
Conformity - Minor Packet Download
Name Change - Minor Packet Download
Name Change - Adult Packet Download
Instructions for Obtaining the Amended Birth Record Download