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The Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction to finalize adoptions in Pike County. Those wishing to adopt are required to submit to a personal and home investigation to insure their suitability as adoptive parents. By law, all adoption hearings and records are confidential.

There are several types of adoptions. It is strongly suggested that you contact the Court to determine if there are any specific requirements for your case before you file your petition.

In light of the fact that an adoption proceeding terminates parental rights, all adopting parents must be represented by an attorney. Adoptions of an adult or a foreign adoption may be exempted from this requirement.

*NOTE* Pursuant to this Court’s Local Rule 75.1, which became effective August 12, 2021, any person wishing to represent themselves in any probate action in this court shall review, sign, and file the attached Self-Representation Acknowledgement when engaging in a probate proceeding without legal representation.

Instructions for Adoption

Filing a Petition for Adoption of a Minor
(Step-Parent or Foster Parent Adoption)
Filing a Petition for Adoption of a Minor
(Independent/Private or Grandparent Adoption)
Filing a Petition for Foreign Adoption Download
Filing a Petition for Adoption of an Adult Download
Consent to Adoption Download

Home Study

Any persons wishing to adopt a minor child will be subject to a home study conducted by an adoption assessor appointed by the court.

As a service to the community, the local Children's Services Board in Pike County will conduct the home study for a fee. An independent assessor may also be appointed. Arrangements for the independent assessor must be made by the attorney and approved by the Court.

Please keep in mind that a home study is a very complex process and many criteria must be met before the assessor can conduct and complete it.

Pike County Children’s Services Board has prepared the following list of requirements for home studies. You are encouraged to review the list and make sure you meet these requirements prior to the filing of any adoption petition. In addition, a few of these requirements must be met prior to the filing of your petition. Generally, step-parent adoptions are exempt from some of these listed requirements. You should consult with your attorney and discuss the home study process to determine what you must do prior to filing your petition.

Home Study Requirements Download

Complete Form Packets for Adoption

Petition for Adoption of a Minor Packet Download
Petition for Foreign Adoption Packet Download
Petition for Adoption of an Adult Packet Download

Individual Forms For Adoption

18.0 Petition for Adoption of Minor Download
18.1 Judgment Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice Download
18.2 Notice of Hearing on Petition for Adoption Download
18.3 Consent to Adoption Download
18.4 Judgment Entry Finding Consent Not Required Download
18.5 Interlocutory Order of Adoption Download
18.6 Final Decree of Adoption (After Interlocutory Order) Download
18.7 Final Decree of Adoption (Without Interlocutory Order) Download
18.8 Adoption Certificate for Parents Download
18.9 Petitioner's Account Download
19.0 Petition for Adoption of Adult Download
19.1 Final Order of Adoption of Adult Download
19.2 Petition to Recognize Foreign Adoption Download
HEA2757 Certificate of Adoption Download
Financial Disclosure Form for Indigent Parents Download
Notice of Hearing on Adoption by Publication Download
Statement of Adopted Person Download

For information on the Ohio Putative Father Registry, please visit the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Putative Father Registry webpage.

For information on accessing adoption records, please visit the Ohio Department of Health at