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Will Deposits

Your original Last Will and Testament may be deposited with the Court for safekeeping. The contents of your will be sealed and kept confidential until the deposited will is removed.

You may deposit the will in person or an attorney may deposit it for you on your behalf.

Instructions for Depositing An Original Will

Bring your original will to the Probate Court. Your will must be sealed in an envelope before it is handed to the deputy clerk. A deputy clerk cannot advise you if a will is valid or meets legal specifications.

The deputy clerk will fill out a Certificate of Deposit of Will and provide you with a file-stamped copy. The fee for the deposit of a will is $25.00. The Court will record the deposit and place it in a locked, fire-proof cabinet for safe-keeping.

How To Remove A Deposited Will

You may remove your own will at any time. You must appear in person with a Photo ID. A deputy clerk will remove the will and record the removal.

Opening An Estate When A Will Is On Deposit

Please contact the probate court for instructions or seek the advice of an attorney.

Certificate of Deposit of Will Download